Akbar was born to hamida  banu begum at Amarkot in Rana veersal’s palace in AD 1542.He was the greatest of Mughal rulers of India.

He was thirteen  years old when he was crowned at kalanaur in 1556.Akbar already had shown his calibre at the battle field when he captured sirhind from sikandar shah,AD1555.

Bairam khan represented him in the second battle of panipat in AD1556 against mohammad Adil sur’s wazir hemu. Akbar defeated Hemu and reoccupied Delhi and Agra.

He also ended the interference from Petticoat Government (1560-62)represented by Maham Anaga and Adham khan Junta.

He was conquered Malwa in AD1561 defeating Baz Bahadur. He was later made the Mansabdar to honour his skill as a musician.

The two powerful forts of Rajasthan-Ranthambore and chittor (Rana udai single guarded by Jaimal ) were captured by the Mughals.

Akbar’s deccan campaign began with the siege of Ahmadnagar (defended by Chand Bibi).

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