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Indian National Congress Sessions -presidents

we are providing Indian National Congress Sessions below before that we have to look once the formation of Indian National Congress. Formation Of Indian National Congress: In 1884 A.O.Hume, In consultation with the Indian leaders, laid the foundation of Indian National Union. the conference of the representatives of different parts of India was convened by the Union at Pune […]

Indian History Notes

The study of Indian History is Important for several reasons.It tells us how, When and Where people developed the earliest cultures in our country. Ancient Indian History Indian Ancient history is interesting because India proved to be the crucible of ethnic groups. ethnic groups are the pre-Aryans, the indo-Aryans, the Scythians, the greeks, the hunas the Turks so on. Medieval Indian […]


Akbar was born to hamida  banu begum at Amarkot in Rana veersal’s palace in AD 1542.He was the greatest of Mughal rulers of India. He was thirteen  years old when he was crowned at kalanaur in 1556.Akbar already had shown his calibre at the battle field when he captured sirhind from sikandar shah,AD1555. Bairam khan […]


Humayun  Mughal Emperor (AD 1530-40& 1555-1556) He was son of Babur and Mahim Anaga begum.Babur had divided his empire among three brothers of Humayun (Kamran,Hindal and Asakari).so,He had to face real problem ascending to throne. His first campaign was against kalinjar.In AD 1533,the first siege of chunar and the March of Gaur was stopped by […]


The first Mughal Emperor, ascended the throne at Farghana, a small principality in Transoxiana in 1494 at the tender age of twelve.He was thrown out of his hometown by Uzbeks which forced him to look towards India. Babur He was descendant of Timur on his father’s side  and Changez Khan on mothers side.He was invited […]