Current Affairs

current affairs is a very important topic for the competitive exams each and every competitive exam have current events syllabus, current events consist of International events, National events, and state events.

How to read Current Affairs

the question is very simple how to read ?but the answer is very difficult because you have to know whether it is consist of a current event or not, how can you find out that news is important for the competitive exam so you have concentrate how the international dynamics are changing, and how these changing are going to influence directly or indirectly.especially relevant to the India.

01.Follow regularly a newspaper Preferably The Hindu

02.Current events crucial part is forms so follow current events forms

03.Follow the Current events Magazine’s preferably Yojana, Kurukshetra

04.Note down each and every current event news which is helpful at exam time and

05.Write down daily Exams on Current Events

How to prepare current affairs Notes

It will be of great help if you prepare your own notes. Because it is very easy to receive your hand -written notes, then the other books while preparing the notes you put a lot of efforts.

01.After reading a topic, think  about it, and analyze what you have understand

02.find out keywords and phrases on which entire topic has been built and bring those words note it down

03.if you find any relevant topic in any paper or magazine add them to your notes so keep update your notes




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