General knowledge is one of the most famous and important subjects of any exam, especially for competitive Exams.General knowledge covers all general information around us such as about Daily Events, Economy, Finance, Banking, geography, constitution, Indian history, Important Days, Countries of the World, current Affairs, Parliaments of the Countries.

How to Prepare General Knowledge

    • Read Newspapers Daily
    • Read Current Affairs Magazines
    • Internetgeneral knowledge

Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia are our best teachers, so you should use all the available internet                                      sources to search current affairs and GK for examinations

    • Debate Houres in Various News channels

You will need to watch news programs at least once a day

    • Notes

Always try to write short notes from various newspapers, it will give quick learning when you have the less Time.

General Knowledge Topics


                   Countries of the World                 Parliaments of the Countries

                    Important Days                                      First in India

                         Highest in the World                              Smallest in the World

                           Highest in India                                       Smallest in Indi

Nobel Prize

                                     First in World                                           Indian Polity

                                  Economic and Social Development               

                                   Environmental Science

                                   Physics                                                                Biology


General knowledge segments will include basic awareness, Organizations, Prizes, ActicitActivities, and Famous Books.

Basic Awareness:

Basic awareness topic again divided into two segments one is basic awareness about India and the second one is basic awareness about the rest of the world.This segment covers all the information regarding India and abroad, in the domain of geography, history, polity, culture, religion, society, economy and philosophy, which had been or has been in the news for some significance.

the preparation of general Knowledge can be  started by learning about the individuals having achieved milestones in different and diverse fields, highest, biggest, longest, shortest etc


organizations established for international political, economic, environmental humanitarian governance are very important.United Nations its various organs, specialized agencies such as UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, and UNFAO should be given emphasis.


This Section is specially importent from the perspective of examinations conducted by various state public service commissions and UPSC, RRB .Nobel Prize, Oscar Prize, ImportentPulitzer Prize, and Booker Prize Important.

Prizes for Peace and Disarmament, Social harmony, social and humanitarian services research in the field of Physics, Chemistry, biology, mathematics biotech and,nano-tech,space-tech, can be considered exam worthy.


This segment also Important, International and National both sports events are important.Questions based on individuals, chosen to administer various sports organizations and regulatory bodies, have been put up regularly.

Books And Authors:

Based on this section of general knowledge, generally, two types of questions have been asked.

one when questions are framed on recently written books (current affairs questions)and authors and two when questions are framed on books written by historical personalities.