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gk questions

1000+ gk questions


GK consist following subjects

01.Indian History

02.Indian Constitution

03.World Geography

04.Indian Geography

05.Indian Economy and

06.General Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

and also we are providing general knowledge notes.

Top gk questions for all competitive exams

Here we are providing more than 1000 multiple choice gk questions with answers so it gives a vast coverage of all General Studies subjects and general knowledge subject

In addition, we are providing general studies model papers with answers.and also general studies material

Success factor is  “a long-term, organized and goal-oriented strategy will surely bring destination nearer”

so  read read read then only you will get success

Gk Questions Importance

Practice daily gk questions and improve your general knowledge.therefore you have to follow one best book for reading general knowledge

while your reading you should practice questions .because you will get your strength and weaknesses.

and Almost all competitive exams asking gk questions so concentrate on general knowledge regularly.

For this reason, above we are providing General Knowledge Questions so each quiz consist 10 questions these 10 questions come from the following manner

two Indian History Questions, two Indian Polity Questions, two Indian Economy Questions

two Geography Questions and two general science questions so these questions are helpful to your preparation

General knowledge topic is very important for Staff selections commission exams, Union public service commission exams, Railway recruitment exams, and other government entrance exams so here we are providing topic wise gk questions bases on previews question papers and also we are providing daily random quiz questions on gk questions

How to Read General Knowledge?

General knowledge is a huge syllabus so people need to know which topic it is the only thing you have to identify which one comes under general knowledge and which one comes under other than general knowledge so we are providing general knowledge topics below carefully read and understand the general knowledge topics.

First in the world:

First in the world is a huge topic so therefore it covers first persons, the first man, first women first country, first doctor and first sports like that so concentrate on first things in the world as useful in India.

Superlatives World and India:

This is also an Important topic so it covers Highest in India and the world, lowest in India and World.Longest in India and World, Fastest in India and World same smallest in India and World.and also

Coldest places in India and World, Hottest places in the world and India, Largest National Parks in the World and India.

Major Newspapers of the World and India:

Students needs to concentrate world top country agency newspapers like Spain country agency name is Europa Press

UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

UNESCO world heritage sites are very important for competitive exams so aspirants have to concentrate world heritage sites.

Total UNESCO world heritage sites are 1000+ and in India UNSCEO heritage sites are 37+, the first heritage site in India is Ajanta Caves(1983) in Maharashtra.

Institutions and Their Headquarters:

In this topic, aspirants concentrate on famous sites, locations, and founders of that site

Example: Red fort     place: Delhi   founder: Shah Jahan

Books and Their Authors:

Books and their Authors topic are very important for Exam point of view so that we have to concentrate on famous books of foreign writers and also Indian writers Books. in addition, you have to update authors biography,

for example, foreign writer  William Shakespeare his books Romeo and Juliet, Comedy of Errors, Julius Caesar.same

Indian Writer Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam his books My Journey, Wings of Fire, India 2020, Ignited Minds.

Awards & Honours:

Awards are very important for competitive exams on this topic first award or Top famous award is Nobel Prize so aspirants concentrate from starting to latest year especially in India.

Next award is Oscar so which Indian movie or films nominated for Oscars also Important for Exam point.

National  Awards:

National Awards are Bharat Ratna and  Padma Awards consist three 01.Padma Vibhushan0, 02.Padma Bhushan and 03.Padma Shri and also  Military awards.

How to Practice Gk Questions?

First of all, you don’t think like that it is very simple you just follow daily our website we provide daily 10 gk questions from 10 subjects so regularly visit our website practice those 10 questions in just 30days you understand basic concepts of General knowledge so while your practicing you don’t know some questions then note it down on one notebook revise it.

General Knowledge Topics

More knowledge, analysis, and correlation are needed ton deal with the questions.A long-term, organized and goal oriented strategy will surely bring destination nearer.First of all, the general knowledge subject should be divided into five broad segments.These segments will include basic awareness,  organizations, books, prizes, sports activities, and books.

Each section deserves special and separate attention.Instead of memorizing raw facts and data, Oden if efforts need to identify specific and unique facts.various dimensions, and aspects of contemporary developments in all the five segments should be taken not of.so practice more gk questions then only you will understand basic things.

RRB Gk questions

01.The first summit of SAARC was held at?

Ans: Dhaka

02.Which of the following is not a member of SAARC?

03.The first  Asian Games were held at?

Ans: New Delhi.

04.Which NAM summit was held in India?

Ans: Seventh

05.The longest dam in India is?

Ans: Hirakud Dam

SSC Gk Questions.

01.Is natural rubber a polymer of?

Ans: Isoprene

02.Is glycogen often known as?

Ans: Animal Starch

RRB History gk questions

01.Was European paintings introduced in the court of?

Answer: Jahangir

02.Krishna Deva Raya was a contemporary of?

Answer: Babur

03.Who was the ruler of India when the East India Company was set up?

Answer: Akbar

04.The first step taken by the government to spread od modern education was in?


RRB Polity Gk questions


Gk questions on Books.

01. The book ‘Social Background of Indian Nationalism” is the work of?

Answer: A.R. deshai.

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How to Improve General Knowledge Questions Score

Very simple answers for how to improve gk questions ?daily practice gk questions and correct those gk questions mistakes so  that you will improve the gk questions knowledge .the above 100 gk questions links are very important for all competitive exams so practice daily those links and improve your general knowledge questions


Polity Gk Questions

1. Who conducts public debt operations of the Government of India?

a) The Controller of Capital Issues

b) The Union Ministry of Finance

c) State Bank of India

d) The Reserve Bank of India


2. The basis of classifying governments as unitary and federal is

a) Relationship between the Centre and States

b) Relationship between the Legislature and Executive

c) Relationship between the Legislature and Judiciary

d) Relationship between the Prime Minister and the President

Answer: a


3. Can Parliament legislate on matters listed in the State list?

a) With the prior permission of the President

b) Only after the Constitution is amended suitably

c) In case of inconsistency among State legislations

d) At the request of two or more State

Answer: d

4. The two basic values of a Constitutional Government are ?

a) Stabilizing Liberty

b) Liberty and Equality

c) Equality and Fraternity

d) Stability and Justice



5 Can Fundamental Rights be amended?

a) Yes b) No

 Answer: a


6. Are Fundamental Rights justiciable?

a) Yes b) No

Answer: a

7. Are Directive Principles of State Policy justiciable?

a) Yes b) No

Answer: b

8. Provision of employment to all comes under?

a) Fundamental Rights

b) Directive Principles of State Policy

c) None of these

Answer: b

9.The term of the President of India is .

a) 3 years

b) 4 yeas

c) 5 years

d) 7 years

e) None of these


10. When the office of the President falls vacant, the Vice-Presid.’ automatically becomes President in

‘a) India

b) U.S.S.R

c) U.K.

d) U.S.A.

e) None of these


11. Who said: “Democracy is the worst form of Government, unfortunately, we do not know anything better?”

a) Winston Churchill

b) Eisenhower

c) Kennedy

d).Do Gaulle

Answer: a

12. Who enjoys the legislative powers?

a) President

b) Prime Minister

c) Council of Ministers

d) Parliament

Answer: d

13. Under Article 123 of the Constitution, the President has the powers to issue ordinances. Every ordinance made by the President during the recess of the Parliament must be laid before both Houses and it ceases to operate at the expiration of ….. from the reassembly of the Parliament.

a) four weeks

b) six weeks

c) ten weeks

d) twelve weeks


14. The Preamble of our Constitution envisages

a) Theocratic state

b) Sovereign, democratic, secular and socialistic republic

c) Secular democracy

d) Monarchy



15. Can the Preamble of our Constitution be amended?

a) Yes     b) No

Answer: a


16. Who gave the Constitution to us?

a) The British

b) The woman of India

c) The people of India

d) The children of India



17. According to the Preamble, our Constitution envisages

a) Social justice only

b) Economic justice only

c) Political justice only

d) All the above



18. Which of the following is NOT the function of the Finance Commission?

a) recommendations oh the distribution between the Union and the States of the net proceeds of taxes

b) outlining the principles which should govern the grants-in-aid of the revenues of the states out of the Consolidated Fund of India

c) recommendations on any other matter referred to the Commission by the President in the interest of sound finance

d) recommendations on the increase of dearness allowance to central government employees.



19. The amendment regarding the formation of a new grants-in-aidrating territory from any other state most be passed by

a) both Houses of Parliament

b) only Lok Sabha

C) only Rajya Sabha

d) both the Houses and before that the opinion of that state is to be ascertained by the President.



20. The amendment regarding the procedure of the election of the President must be passed by

a) Both the Houses.

b) Only Lok Sabha

C)Only Rajya Sabha

d) Both the Houses and by not less than half of the State Legislatures.




21. In the election of the President of India the value of the vote of the Lok Sabha members

a) is same.

b) differs according to the geographical size of the respective States

c) differs according to the number of voters a member represents

d) none of these



22. The President’s Rule is Imposed in a state

a) when a Chief Minister misbehaves

b) when the Governor becomes disloyal to the Centre

c)when there is the breakdown of constitutional machinery

d) when Where is police firing


Indian History Gk Questions

1.Indus Valley Civilization flourished during

a) 5000 BC-2000 BC

b) 3000 BC-1500 BC

c) 6000 BC-2000 BC

d) 1000 BC-1000 AD



  1. MohenJodaro, Harappa &Lothal are in at ?


  1. b) Pakistan
  2. c) Afghanistan
  3. d) Bangladesh



3.The excavations in MohenJodaro were made in

a) 1920

b) 1945

c) 1921

d) 1950



4.Indus Valley civilization might have been destroyed by

a) Aryans

b) Mughals

c) Dravidians

d) Kushans



5.The oldest Veda is

a) Rig Veda

b) YaJur Veda

c) Sama Veda

d) Atharvana Veda




6.Aryans lived in

a) Central India

b) South India

c) Gangetic plain

d) Maharashtra




7.Buddhism was founded in the year

a) 600 BC

b) 500 BC

c) 800 BC

d) 567 BC




8.Jainism was founded by

a) Tirthankara

b) Ukkirama Jain

c) Mahavira

d) Nirvana




9.Alexander invaded India in the year

a) 712 AD

b) 400 BC

c) 326 BC

d) 847 BC




10.Alexander returned home because

a) he was defeated by Porus

b) the soldiers felt homesick

c) Alexander was tired of war

d) Alexander’s father Philip called him back




11.The Dasyus mentioned in the Vedic literatus were

a) the rulers and warriors

b) the lowly placed people in society

c) traders, craftsmen and farmers

d) the original inhabitants of India before the coming of Aryans




12Who among the following was sent by Ashoka to On Lanka to preach Buddhism?

  1. a) Pushyamitra
  2. b) Kautllya
  3. c) Mahendra
  4. d) Banabhatta





13.The famous king of Kusliana dynasty was

a) Kuvishka

b) Kanlshka

c) Physya

d) KarllarUpa



14.The enthronement of Kanlshka coincides with

a) Tamil Era

b) Hindi Era

c) Saka Era

d) Bengali Era



15.Pali dynasty was in

a) Maharashtra

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Delhi .

d) Bihar



Kanlshka followed

a) Jainism

b) Sikhism

c) Buddhism

d) Hinduism



17.Akbar took various steps for pleasing the Hindus. Which of the following impressed them most?

a) Abolition of Jaziya

b) Condemnation of Sati

c) Prohibition of Child Marriage

d) Abolition or Pilgrim tax



18.Akbar’s buildings at Fatehpur Sikri are famous for

a) Construction of the first bulbous dome In India

b) Synthesis of trabeate and arcuate styles

c) Frequent employment of pietra dura

d) The use of marble on an extensive scale



19.During Akbar’s reign the most common gold coin was Illahi, which in value was equal to

a) 10 rupee silver coins

b) 12 rupee silver coins

c) 15 rupee silver coins

d) ,20 rupee silver coins



 20: Who, amongst the following Sikh Gurus, was tortured to death by Jahangir on a charge of treason?

  1. a) Guru Amardas
  2. b) Gtiru Alan Dev
  3. c) Guru Har Gobind
  4. d) Guru Har Kishan




21.Two of the groat Mughals wrote their own memoirs. They were

a) liabar arid Jahangir

b) Humayun and Jahangir

c) And flumaytin

d) Jahariglr awl Shah Jahan


22.The first military expedition of Jahangles reign was against

a) Kangra

b) Bengal

c) Mewar

d) Alunednagar



23.”Humayun Nama” was written during tho reign of Emporor Akbar by

a) Gulbadan Begam

b) Ahmad Yadgar

c) Abbas Sarwani

d) ‘Faizi Sarhindi



  1. The Vijayanagara and Bahrnani kingdoms in southern India emerged4turing the concluding years of the reign of


  1. a) Ala-uq-din Khilji
  2. b) Ghias-ud:din Tughlaq
  3. c) Muhammad-bin Tughlaq
  4. d) Bahlol Lodi






25.The English East India Company laid the foundation of Fort St.George at Madras during the reign of

  1. a) Ajthar
  2. b) Aurangzeb
  3. c) Jahangir
  4. d) Shah Jahan



24.Who built the mausoleum of Jahangir and where?

a) Shah Jahan at Agra

b) Nur Jahan at Fatehpur

c) Nur Jahan at Lahore

d) Shah Jahan at Delhi



25.Among the four sons of Shah Jahan who is credited to have got translated, Atharva Veda

a) Shuja

b) Murad

c) Para

d) Aurangzeb


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