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Highest World

Here we are providing Highest world related information .

Highest lake – Titicaca (Bolivia)

Highest plateau – Tibet

Highest mountain – Himalaya

Highest continent – Antartica

Highest active volcano – Guayathiri (Chile)

Highest capital city – La Paz (Bolivia)

Highest volcano – Cotopaxy (Ecuador)

Highest airport – Lhasa Airport (Tibet)

Highest railway station – Condor Station (Bolivia)

Highest river bridge – Royal Gorge (Colorado)

Highest road bridge – Bailey bridge built by the Indian Army at Khardungla (Ladakh)

Highest railway – Qinghai – Tibet  (5072m)

Highest Bridge – Milau (France) 2.46 km

Highest mountain peak – Mt. Everest (Nepal)

Highest town – Wenchuan (Tibet)

Highest waterfall – Angel Falls, (Venezuela)

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