Indian History Notes

The study of Indian History is Important for several reasons.It tells us how, When and Where people developed the earliest cultures in our country.

Ancient Indian History

Indian Ancient history is interesting because India proved to be the crucible of ethnic groups. ethnic groups are the pre-Aryans, the indo-Aryans, the Scythians, the greeks, the hunas the Turks so on.

Medieval Indian History

A number of powerful empires arose in northern India and the Deccan between AD 750 and 1000.

These wereIndian History

01.The pala Emire: -Which is dominated eastern part of India till the middle of the 9th century

02.The Prathihara Empire: -Which is dominated western India till the middle of the 10th century

03.Rashtrakuta Empire: – which is dominated the Deccan India, It was most powerful empire of that time and also acted as a bridge between north and south India in economic and cultural matters


The Moghal Empire

Modern India

When the Mughal Emperors lost their power and glory Modern India Start in our Nation.

Indian National Congress

The Governor Generals

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