Quiz Date-12/02/2017

By | February 12, 2017

Quiz Questions

Question #1: Soil water available to plants is maximum in?

Question #2: Availability of skilled labour has been the basic locational factor for which of the following industry?

Question #3: The most important fishing grounds of the world are found in the regions where?

Question #4: Who has authored the book “God of Small Things”?

Question #5: Who won Indian grand prix?

Question #6: The smallest functional unit of kidney is?

Question #7: The most important kingdom in deccan and central India after the Mauryas was that of the?

Question #8: Who was the viceroy of India when the Quit India movement started in 1942?

Question #9: The state which has the lowest percentage of persons below the poverty line is?

Question #10: The first summit of SAARC was held at?

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