Quiz Date 12/03/2017

By | March 12, 2017

Quiz on General Knowledge

Question #1: The Constituent Assembly arrived at decisions on the various provisions of the Constitution?

Question #2: Which Article guarantees to the individual citizen the right to move the Supreme Court direct in case of violation of a Fundamental Right ?

Question #3: Net factor income from abroad added to GDP gives ?

Question #4: National income ignores ?

Question #5: Economic growth is usually coupled with

Question #6: The first estimate of national income in India was made by ?

Question #7: During the Mughal period which trader first came to India?

Question #8: Who also had the name Devanama Piyadasi ?

Question #9: Which Chola ruler converted the Bay of Bengal into a ‘Chela lake’?

Question #10: During the Sangam Age, Uraiyur was the capital of which rular?

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