Quiz Date 27/02/2017

Quiz On General Studies

#1 Raja Rammohan Roy was not connected with ?

#2 Who was ruler from the Kushan dynasty ?

#3 When did Gandhiji first coin the term ‘Harijan’ for the so-called “untouchables” in India ?

#4 What is the other name of the Cardamom Hills ?

#5 In which state the difference between male and female literacy is the least ?

#6 How any months can Rajya Sabha hold on to a bill before going back to the Lok Sabha ?

#7 In India ,Money bill is Certified by ?

#8 Too much consumption of tea or coffee can result in deficiency of ?

#9 Which Enzyme converts milk into casein ?

#10 From Which part of the plant is turmeric obtained ?



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