Quiz Date-29/01/2017

By | January 29, 2017

Quiz on General studies

Question #1: The Source of Chloro Fluoro Carbons is ?

Question #2: Earths Farthest point from sun is____________km ?

Question #3: An example of direct tax is ____________?

Question #4: “We need workers unity with out kings and capitalists “said by?

Question #5: Lok Adalats are established under the article of ?

Question #6: Which model of atom is known as Plantetary model ?

Question #7: Light can travel with high speed in ?

Question #8: The 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup will be hosted by which country?

Question #9: Road Safety week is observed in?

Question #10: “cyclone” is derived from “Kyklon” in Greek means ?

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