Quiz No 68

By | April 2, 2017

General Studies  Daily Quiz No 68

Question #1: Rajtarangini written by Kalhan is ?

Question #2: Who were the first kings to issue coins bearing their names ?

Question #3: In The Vedic period goghna referred to ?

Question #4: Who said that landforms are a function of stricture process and stage ?

Question #5: Which theory makes the use of jig-saw Fit in its support ?

Question #6: Who convenes the joint sessions of the Lok sabha and rajya sabha ?

Question #7: The Lok Sabha Secretariat works under the direct super vision of ?

Question #8: The red,orange,and yellow colors of leaves are due to ?

Question #9: The heaviest among the inner planet is the ?

Question #10: Isotopes are separated by?

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