Quiz No 69

By | April 3, 2017

General Studies  Daily Quiz No 69

Question #1: The jet plane engine works on the principle of ?

Question #2: Theodolite is an instrument used by ?

Question #3: The God not worshipped during the time of rig Vedic aryans ?

Question #4: The East India Company received the zamindary of the 24 parganas from ?

Question #5: Gandhara School of art was established in ?

Question #6: Which of the following states does not have a bicameral legislature ?

Question #7: In the election of the President, each Member of the electoral college has?

Question #8: The ideal average NPK ratio aggregated for the country as a whole is ?

Question #9: Present ages of Sameer and Anand are in the ratio of 5:4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio to their ages will become 11:9 respectively. What is Anand’s present age in years ?

Question #10: If the for TOWN is ‘UQZR’, then what will be the code for ‘WKOPFML’ ?

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