Quiz No 85

By | April 24, 2017

General Studies  Daily Quiz No 85

Question #1: In SONAR we use ?

Question #2: Farad is the unit of ?

Question #3: Long distance short wave radio broad casting uses ?

Question #4: Which committee had first of all recommended three-tier Panchayati Raj in India in 1957 ?

Question #5: Which amendment made puducherry as union Territory of India ?

Question #6: Constitutional safeguards to civil servants are ensured by ?

Question #7: Which of the following soils is most suitable for cultivation of cereals?

Question #8: Ankaleshwar in India is known for the production of ?

Question #9: The first medieval ruler to propound the divine theory of Kingship was ?

Question #10: The actual name of Dayanand Saraawati, the founder of the Arya Samaj was ?

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