Quiz No 87

By | April 26, 2017

General Studies Daily Quiz No 87

Question #1: The latitudes that pass through sikkim also pass through ?

Question #2: What causes wind to deflect toward left in the Southern Hemisphere ?

Question #3: In which state is the Buddhist site Tabo monastery located ?

Question #4: Which enzyme converts milk into casein ?

Question #5: The population of which of the following is maximum on the earth ?

Question #6: The Sultan of Delhi who transferred two monolithic Mauryan pillars to Delhi to beautify his capital, was ?

Question #7: The independent kingdom of Awadh ‘was founded by ?

Question #8: Indian Constitution recognises minorities on the basis of ?

Question #9: Which of the following Articles describes about the person voluntarily acquiring citizenship of a foreign state not to be citizens?

Question #10: Which one of the following subjects is under the Union List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India ?

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