Quiz No 91 General Studies

Quiz No 91 includes Indian history,Indian Economy,Indian Polity,World Geography,Indian Geography,General Science Questions

General Studies Daily Quiz No 91

General Studies Model Papers

#1 Which of the following is a chemical weathering process ?

#2 Residual hill in the desert region is known as ?

#3 The ideal average NPK ratio aggregated for the country as a whole is ?

#4 In which one of the following countries, the rate of Income Tax is highest?

#5 Which’ day is celebrated as ‘National Consumer Right Day?

#6 The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum strength of ?

#7 According to the Constitution of India the maximum number of members representing the Union Territories in the Lok Sabha cannot exceed ?

#8 When was the First Round Table Conference held?

#9 As per the Act of 1919 which of the following was not a Transferred subject?

#10 Who had scrapped the partition of Bengal?



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