Quiz No 92 General Studies

By | May 2, 2017

Quiz No 92 includes Indian history,Indian Economy,Indian Polity,World Geography,Indian Geography,General Science

General Studies Daily Quiz No 92

General Studies Model Papers

Question #1: PVC is obtained by the polymerization of ?

Question #2: Jet engines are ?

Question #3: Aviation fuel for jet aeroplanes consists of purified ?

Question #4: Which of the following is not a gland ?

Question #5: By which name does the Brahmaputra enter into India?

Question #6: The highest waterfall in India is ?

Question #7: The famous Gayatrimantra is addressed to ?

Question #8: The economy of the Indus Valley people was based on?

Question #9: Two popular Assemblies of the Vedic period were ?

Question #10: Who appoints the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir?

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Quiz No 92

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