Quiz No 94 General Studies

By | May 4, 2017

Quiz No 94 includes Indian history,Indian Economy,Indian Polity,World Geography,Indian Geography,General Science

Quiz no 94

General Studies Model Papers

Question #1: Actinides are the elements with atomic numbers from ?

Question #2: Detergents used for cleaning clothes and utensils contain ?

Question #3: Which of the following is used to Coagulate Synthetic fibres from solution ?

Question #4: Which of the following is commonly called a ‘polyamide’?

Question #5: Which one of the following cities is not located on the bank of river Ganga?

Question #6: Molten rock below the surface of the earth is called ?

Question #7: The first Sultan of Delhi to cross the Narmada and move to the south was ?

Question #8: The INC for the first time passed the resolutions on Swaraj, Boycott and National Education at its annual session held at ?

Question #9: Lotteries organised by the government of a State come under ?

Question #10: The Central Government’s exclusive powers are enumerated in the ?

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Quiz No 94

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