Quiz No 95 General Studies

Quiz No 95 includes Indian history,Indian Economy,Indian Polity,World Geography,Indian Geography,General Science

Quiz no 95

General Studies Model Papers

#1 Which of the following has no blood ,but respires ?

#2 The insect not useful to man is ?

#3 Plant which yields fibre as well as edible fruits is ?

#4 The spread of Jainism in Karnataka is attributed to ?

#5 Idol worship in India can be traced to the period of ?

#6 The literature of the Sangam Age was written mostly in the form of ?

#7 The famous poet in the court of Alauddin Khilji was ?

#8 When Budget has been passed by Lok Sabha,the Rajya Sabha can ?

#9 The legislative powers are vested in the ?

#10 Anthodaya Programme was chiefly aimed at the upliftment ?

#11 When was the Integrated Rural Development Programme introduced in rural areas in India ?



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Quiz No 95

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