Telangana udyama charitha Questions with answers-TSPSC PAPER 4

By | June 11, 2017

Telangana udyama charitha Questions

Telangana public service commission is conducting no of exams related to Telangana state govt .every exam has the general studies paper, general studies questions out of 150 questions 10-20questions coming from telangana udyama charitha topic so here we are providing Telangana udyama charitha Questions.Telangana udyama charitha questions

Telangana Udyama Charitha Question 01

Telangana Udyama Charitha Question 02

Telangana Udyama Charitha Question 03

Telangana Udyama Charitha question 04



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Telangana Udyama Charitha Questions are very very important for Telangana Public service Commission exams.

Group 01, group 2 exams carry  150 questions from Telangana udyama charitha topic, and each and every exam which is conducted by TSPSC carries 10-25 questions from telanana udyama charitha .


01. Chairman of Telangana sadhana samaikyatha vedika ?

02.Operation polo started on ?

03.Osmania university was eshtablished in ?

04.NGO leader during 1969 movement ?

05. The deputy cm who given the statement i will take sathyagraha if the T. safeguards won’t be implement

06.Name the Andhra leader who extended few support to telangana ?

07. KCR Chacchudo - telangana vacchudo statement was deliver by KCR during Udyoga garjana held in ?

08.Governer during the 1969 T. Movement ?

09.Chairman / leader of reddy hostel sadassu (1969 March 8,9)

10.Chairman of action committee (1952 Gyermulki) movement) formed by students ?

11. Founder chairman of telangana and praja samith ?

12.Name the leader who attended the “Simhagarjana” Progane ?





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