Telangana Udyama charitha Questions with answers

By | June 11, 2017

01.The Gentleman Aggreement was discussed in the parllament with the name ?

02.Sakalajanula Samme (Period)

03. Name the book which contained the poems related to million march

04.Students Polikeka meeting ws held in ?

05. President during the Andhra Pradesh State bill ?

06. Name the magistrate who has given the orders for firing during city college incident

07. Police Commissioner during the city college incident

08.National front for new states converner ?

09.Politician who commented “TRS Mattilo putti Puttalo kalisipoye party ?

10. Suryapeta declaration ‘held with the name’

11.Convener of Telangana Forum

12.One vote - two states slogan was given by

13.Hyderabad days were organsied by