TSPSC Group 2 Paper 4 questions

By | June 11, 2017

01. The decision for Sakala Janula Samme taken in ?

02. 2004 Sonia Gandhi supported Telangana during ........ meeting

03.Vimalakka related to ?

04.The program which was started against the supreme court decision related to police dept ?

05. The leader who attended SimhaGarjana and extended his support to seperate telangana ?

06.Telangana udyama samithi was established by ?

07.The committee on formers sucides ?

08. “Telangana - Andhra Raji”

09.The separate telangana map was inaguarted by ?

10. 1969 Movement. The clash between Telangana and Andhra Khaid is took place in ?

11. First Hindu mulki of hyderabad who was acquired the degree (B.A.) ?

12. In which meeting the Nijamandhra Jona sangh renayed as Andhramaharastra. ?

13.. Founder of Hyderabad state congress ?

14. The women who hoisted the flag on Hyd residency during Quit India movement

15 Author of the thoughts on linguistic states ?

16.Gentlement agreement held at ?

17. Student leader who has given the slogan “Quit Telangana”

18. Statment “Telangana is a political issue” by ?

19. The women legislative member who has suffered injured due to the bhaspa vayuvu (tear gas) ?

20.The Telangana issue spreaded even to the remote villages statement by ?