TSPSC Questions with Answers

By | June 12, 2017

01. First conference of vishalandhra sabha was held at ?

02. The 610 GO issued by the govt of AP on which date ?

03. Who was the editor of telugu version of “Meezan News Paper” ?

04. In which year Hyderabad declared officially the capital of Nizams ?

05. Telangana Praja Samithi demanded for state hood of Telangana and contested 1971 General elections how many seats it won the election ?

06. State bird of Telangana ?

07.Who written Gathasapthsati ?

08.Telangana Political Joint Action committee was formed in the year ?

09..AP Re-org Act 2014 bill was passed in Loksabha on the date ?

10.Who among the following is not a member of GOM constructd by central govt in 2013 to work for the foramtion of Telangana ?

11.Telangana Information trust was setup in the year ?

12.Who was the author of book “Destructin of Hyderabad” ?

13. Zonal system in Andhra Pradesh established as per the presidential order the related GO released by Govt ?

14. Telangnaa Regional council established in the year ?

15. The civil Government of Hyderabad headed by MK. Vellodi he was from which state ?